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Case Crunch has prominently featured in international legal and mainstream media:

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Meiji University

Tokyo, Japan
December 2018


ASLA Diritto al

Milan, Italy
May 2018



London, England
March 2018



Skolkovo, Russia
December 2017


I Congresso
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Direito, Governo E

Brasilia, Brazil
November 2017

Lawyer Challenge

Case Crunch scored an accuracy of 86.6%. The lawyers scored an accuracy of 62.3%.

Over 100 commercial London lawyers signed up for the competition and made over 750 predictions over the course of a week in an unsupervised environment.

The problems were real complaints about PPI mis-selling decided and published by the Financial Ombudsman Service under the FOIA.

The results received international acclaim. For more details see the BBC article.

The main reason for the large winning margin seems to be that the network had a better grasp of the importance of non-legal factors than lawyers.

Evaluating these results is tricky. These results do not mean that machines are generally better at predicting outcomes than human lawyers. These results show that if the question is defined precisely (such as - was this complaint about PPI mis-selling upheld or rejected by the FOS?), machines are able to compete with and sometimes outperform human lawyers.

This experiment also suggests that there may be factors other than legal factors contributing to the outcome of cases. Further research is necessary to establish this proposition beyond the specific parameters of this experiment.

The use case for systems like Case Crunch is clear. Legal decision prediction systems like ours can solve legal prediction tasks permanently and reliably.

 We would like to thank our technical judge, Premonition, and our legal judge Dr. Steffek, for their involvment.


London's Top Lawyers    


Case Crunch Technology

Why Case Crunch?

PRODUCING RESULTS - We build lasting solutions for banks, insurance companies, law firms and litigation funders. Case Crunch helps organisations provide a more efficient complaint handling solution to their customers. We also work with law firms to improve litigation strategies based on data-driven analysis of the law and help litigation funders select meritorious claims from their applicant pool.

COMMUNITY - Our network includes media and industry from across the world. We periodically publish tools and research for the community. We have spoken at over a dozen conferences in more than five countries and are frequently featured in technical and mainstream media.

PERSPECTIVE - The architectures we use did not exist four years ago. Deep learning is still a new technology. We are in this business for the long-run. We want to build long-term partnerships and pilot innovative systems to change law one prediction at a time while growing a sustainable business..

The Experience

Case Crunch makes legal decision predictions. Our system is currently available for banks, insurance companies, law firms and litigation funders. We help clients reduce the amount of time and money spent on legal prediction tasks by multiple orders of magnitude, while matching or improving human performance.

Current applications include complaint handling, legal decision forecasting and merits-based claim review.

The first step is to submit an inquiry.

We will make an initial assessment whether our products are suited for your needs. We will set up a meeting to discuss your problem and learn more about your goals. This service is free of charge.

In the second step we will create a detailed project proposal for you.

The project proposal explains how we would solve your problem, what legal and technical difficulties we see, and what the main benefits for you are. The proposal also includes a timeline with clear milestones and an estimated price. We charge a small fee for this step.

In the third step we solve your problem.

We implement the solution and update you on major developments.

Change the Game

Step four is to help you make the best use of your solution.

You can do a lot of things with our solutions. We are here to help integrate the system into your workflow. We also offer maintenance.

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